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    As your local community credit union, LUSO Federal Credit Union is committed to making a lasting difference. Our annual program participation and sponsorship includes:

    • In-School Banking and Junior Achievement programs, which foster work readiness, financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills for over 2,000 students
    • Library and reading programs

    In the News

    Understanding HELOC vs. Home Equity Loan
    When faced with the need to access the equity in your home, understanding the nuances of financial products like a home equity loan and a HELOC is crucial. Both options can provide substantial funds for various purposes, but they operate differently and suit different financial needs and goals.
    Empowering Your Child with a Debit Card: A Path to Financial Responsibility

    In today’s digital age, providing your child with a debit card can be a valuable tool for teaching financial responsibility. Beyond the convenience of cashless transactions, a debit card offers numerous benefits that can set your child on the right path toward financial independence. 

    5 Tips for Purchasing a Home
    When it comes to purchasing a new home, it’s important to do your homework. It’s a big change that will likely affect your life (and finances) in a variety of ways, so advanced preparation is key. If you’re considering entering the housing market, here are five things you should know.
    April is Financial Literacy Month

    For more than 50 years, LUSO Federal Credit Union has advocated for the financial health and wellness of our members. To mark April’s designation as “National Financial Literacy Month,” we are highlighting the importance of financial literacy and teaching members of all ages how to establish and maintain healthy financial habits.

    Automate Your Savings: Use Direct Deposit to Easily Grow Your Funds
    Have you ever heard the phrase, “Pay yourself first”? Put simply, it means to set aside a portion of your paycheck each week, before you pay your bills and purchase necessities like groceries or gas for your car. The purpose? To create a savings strategy that could help you weather the storm if a financial emergency arises.
    Teach kids good money habits with the ‘Save, Spend, Share’ plan

    Teaching your kids how to save and budget their money at an early age helps them reinforce the good money habits that will set them up for long-term financial health and wellness. If you’re unsure where to start, LUSO recommends the Save, Spend, Share plan, which helps kids understand the fundamentals.

    LUSO opens ‘Little Free Library’ in Ludlow, Wilbraham

    LUSO is pleased to announce our first registered Little Free Library in Ludlow, located at 599 East Street. LUSO’s second Little Free Library is now available at the Wilbraham branch in Crane Park.

    How to Protect Your Electronic Assets: Cybersecurity and Banking
    LUSO Federal Credit Union, as part of our expertise in helping track, catch, and report fraud and protect members, offers the following cybersecurity tips for anyone concerned about the safety of their electronic data or their financial vulnerability.

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