Student Credit Cards

Build credit with our credit card program for students.

Visa® Smart Start Classic Credit Card


    High school and college students 18 and up, this is the card for you. Earn rewards with every charge, while building credit for future financial needs.

    • Minimum $500, maximum $5,000 credit limit
    • Earn double CURewards® on select purchases for first 30 days1,2
    • Accepted anywhere Visa is welcome
    • No annual or processing fees

    How Credit Cards Work


      First, the why: Credit cards are financial tools that let you borrow money at monthly intervals and pay back at least the minimum the next month or “billing cycle.” That’s what’s known as revolving credit. If you don’t pay off what you borrow each month, the unpaid amount carries over to the next month with interest. Over time, the interest can be costly if you continue to pay only the minimum. That’s why it’s important to manage your credit.

      Now, the how: Apply for a student credit card, which comes with an affordable variable interest rate and limits that help control your spending.

      How to get started: Review our rates and requirements and contact us with questions or to meet with a lending specialist.

      Rates & Requirements
      Visa® Smart Start Classic Credit Card
      Minimum Credit$500
      Maximum Credit$5,000
      Purchase Rate10.50% APR3
      Cash Advance12.50% APR3

        1Free VISA Credit Cards CURewards Program.

        2Double rewards with free VISA Credit Cards CURewards Program valid for first 30 days. Visa Smart Start periodic rate of 0.02877% is valid on new purchases; Visa Smart Start periodic rate of 0.03425% is valid on cash advances. Balance transfers are NOT allowed with this product.

        3APR: Annual Percentage Rate. This is a variable rate account with a revolving line of credit. Minimum payment is 2% of total new balance, or $20, whichever is greater, plus the amount of any prior minimum payments that you have not made, and any amount you are over your credit limit. Savings for credit cards is based on lowest available credit union APR and assumes your balance remains constant for one year. Finance charge computation is based on the daily average balance. Annual Fee: None; Over the Limit Fee: $25; Late Fee: $25; Returned Check Fee: $35; Card Replacement: $25 for normal processing, $75 for rush orders; Past Due Fee: $20 after the 20th day following the due date. VISA International Exchange Conversion Fee: Applicable cost to credit union at time of transaction.

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