Switch Kit

Switch to LUSO Federal Credit Union in five easy steps – all online.


    Step 1: Open a LUSO Federal Credit Union member share (savings) account with just $5. View our accounts here or fill out our New Account Information form to submit with your new account request.

    Step 2: Use our Change Direct Deposit form to switch your direct deposit to your new LUSO account.

    Step 3: Indicate your automatic withdrawals using our Automatic Deposit & Withdrawal Checklist. Fill out our Change Automatic Withdrawal form to change automatic payments and withdrawals. If you have more than one automatic transaction, make sure you fill out one form for each.

    Step 4: Wait for any outstanding checks or automatic withdrawals to clear and move to your new LUSO account before you close your old account (typically one or two statement cycles). Use our Close Account Request form to notify your financial institution of the switch.

    Step 5: Transfer your other accounts and loans to LUSO. In addition to personal and business checking and savings accounts, we offer a full range of lending products, insurance options and investment services. Download our mobile banking app to manage your accounts anytime, anywhere.

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