Fraud Detection

Free 24/7 debit card protection from your credit union.

Use your LUSO debit card with confidence.


    What is debit card fraud? It’s a type of cybercrime involving the theft of your debit card number and PIN.

    As with credit cards, debit card fraud can happen anytime, anywhere. Your card gets lost or stolen. Or it gets “skimmed” from a tampered card reader at the gas pump. Or it falls into the wrong hands at a restaurant or retail store.

    Why LUSO? Debit card fraud differs from credit card fraud in one important way: Governance. Debit cards fall under the Electronic Funds Transfer Act, which holds consumers liable for $500 in unauthorized transactions versus the Fair Credit Billing Act limit of $50 for credit cards.

    As a LUSO Federal Credit Union member, you get free, 24/7 protection on your debit card. Our Fraud Detection Center watches for suspicious activity round the clock. If we suspect fraud, you’ll get a call, email or text to verify authenticity.

    Take these steps to prevent fraud.


      1. Keep your account up to date. Make sure LUSO Federal Credit Union has your current phone number and email address on file.

      2. Give us advance notice of travel plans. Notify us if you travel abroad or or go out of town.

      3. Add us to your contact list. Add the LUSO Fraud Detection Center to your contacts so you recognize the number if you get a call or text.

      4. Never give out account details over the phone. Our fraud detection team will never ask for your card’s full account number, expiration date, PIN or CVC code, or for your full social security number.


      Important Phone Numbers

      Report lost or stolen debit cards: 833-337-6075

      Activate debit card PIN changes: 800-992-3808

      Contact the LUSO Customer Care Center: 1-844-LUSO-FCU (844-587-6328)

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