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Terms & Usage
What is the Identity String?

The Identity String is used to help you determine that this is a legitimate site. We will display this value back to you once you log in to the site. The identity string is used to protect you from phishing attacks, whereby a trickster can put up a fake website that looks real and entice you to visit the fake site by sending you a phony email.

The identity string can be any word or phrase up to 24 characters in length. DO NOT enter passwords or PINs into this field.

If you visit the site and see an incorrect identity string, this could indicate a phishing attack, or that your account has been tampered with. Please contact LUSO Federal Credit Union immediately at 1-844-LUSO-FCU if you suspect that a cyberattack has occurred.

What is the Member Number?

Your checking account number (or savings account number if you don’t have a checking account) is your primary account number at LUSO Federal Credit Union. This number is used as your account identifier for the electronic statement system.

What is the Random Code?

The Random Code is an extra security measure used to eliminate automated attacks against your account. This randomly generated alphanumeric code is turned into a graphic image, and the text is warped and transformed to make it readable only by a human. If you find the currently displayed code difficult to read, click the browser’s Refresh button to generate a new code.

Can I change my security questions or identity string?

Yes. From the Account Maintenance page, you may modify your identity string, security question(s), the email address associated with your account and the password.

I’ve forgotten my password. How can I get a new password assigned?

Click on the “Forgot your password” link on the electronic statements login page. You must enter your member number and email address. In addition, to verify your identity, you will be asked to answer your security questions. A new password will be randomly generated for your account and sent to your email address. Upon receipt of this email, be sure to login and modify the password using the Account Maintenance page.

I’ve changed my email address. How do I update the address used for electronic statements?

You can update your email address from the Account Maintenance page.

I just registered for the service but see a message “No Statements Available.” Why?

You will not see statements that you’ve received via the mail already. The statement archive will begin to be built after your registration has been approved. When statements are added to the system, an email notice will be generated to let you know your statement is available online.

Register this computer?

Registering a computer causes a cookie to be written to the computer. A cookie is a piece of data that a web server can store on a computer. For the electronic statement system, the cookie stores an encrypted value that identifies your account. The cookie file is set to automatically expire after 60 days. The presence of the cookie will override the advanced authentication mechanism built into the system. Advanced authentication will force a user logging in from a new location (or any location that doesn’t already have a valid cookie) to answer your security questions.

DO NOT register a computer that isn’t trusted, such as a computer in a public facility.

What are the security questions?

The security questions are used to provide for advanced authentication for your account. When a user logs into your account, the system will determine if their computer is already registered. If not registered, the user will be prompted to answer the three security questions, and the user will gain access only if correct answers are provided.

A standard list of questions is available to choose from. These questions are designed to be fairly simple and to have short answers. In selecting questions, make sure to choose those whose answer is obvious to you, and make sure you would enter the answer in a consistent manner.

For example, if the question is “What is your brother’s name?” the answer may not be obvious if you have multiple brothers. Or if you have one brother, you must be sure to enter the answer in a consistent manner. If you configure the answer as David, the system will not accept Dave as a valid answer.

Why identity string and security questions?

The identity string and security questions are features intended to supply you with a secure online experience. These tools help protect users from common forms of internet fraud.

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