Today’s travel industry can be hectic and overwhelming. In an effort to minimize travel related issues, utilize some of these suggestions:

Yes, most travel can be booked online at In addition, you can purchase companion airline tickets and hotel/car reservations.

Yes. Travel Services can assist in booking your purchase or redeemed travel needs.

You may not return an issued ticket purchased using your airline travel award options through Travel Services, but you may contact the airline directly for changes. Any change is subject to the rules and regulations of the particular airline and is subject to the change fees and penalties they may impose, if any.

Select airline reservations may be made online, once logged in, via the ScoreCard Rewards website. All airline travel awards may also be redeemed by calling a toll free phone number. Travel Service Representatives can also book reservations for your companions, which can be paid for with your rewards card. Similarly, you can also book cruises at this number as well as vacation packages, rental cars and hotels. Any purchase amounts or reservations may be made with your rewards card.

No. We book partnering airlines. Most of the smaller commuter airlines have an agreement with a regional airline or a national carrier to “code share”. You can fly anywhere a single code share partner flies, but you cannot transfer to another airline. So if the commuter flight you fly on is a code share ticket with United, then you can fly wherever United flies but not to a city not served by United.

Yes you may. A transaction fee may apply.