February 28, 2019

LUSO CFO sits with school children during JA lesson

For its seventh consecutive year, LUSO Federal Credit Union is year participating in the Junior Achievement Program in Western Massachusetts and increasing our efforts to support the future of youth. Once again the program will foster work-readiness, entrepreneurship, and skills in understanding financial literacy. We at LUSO believe that every student should have the possibility of finding their own economic success, and ability to make something great out of themselves.

What Is the Junior Achievement Program?

The Junior Achievement (JA) Program is the world’s largest organization dedicated to teaching students from kindergarten to grade 12 about work readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship through practical programs. The programs are designed to prepare youth for the workplace by teaching them skills such as wealth management, job creation, and entrepreneurial thinking. Through the use of hands-on experiments, students can put these lessons into action as they learn the importance of contributing to their communities. Volunteers from the community are welcomed to deliver the curriculum and transform the key concepts of JA’s lessons into messages that empower and inspire students to be confident in their ability to make a difference in the world. The program reaches over one million students annually and the classroom volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds including business, college, parenthood, and retirement. The experience has always turned out to be enjoyable and rewarding for everyone involved.

How Does It Promote Economic Success for Youth?

The Junior Achievement Program supports small business development through its entrepreneurship curriculum. Students are exposed to local business owners who volunteer advice on how to start their own businesses. JA typically looks for alumni who are also small business owners to share their experiences and help students gain necessary skills to run their own future businesses.

How Can You Get Involved?

LUSO coordinates Junior Achievement classes in multiple formats: the original five- or six-week period with each class taught for 30 to 45 minutes each, and the abbreviated “JA in a Day” format with all JA lessons taught on one day. Most of the Junior Achievement classes – for grades K through 5 – take place in the spring. The next “JA in a Day” for grade 6 at Baird Middle School in Ludlow will be held on Friday, April 12, 2019. If you are interested in learning more about the program or volunteering for an upcoming class, please contact Sharon Dufour at sdufour@lusofederal.com, Celia Fernandes at cfernandes@lusofederal.com, or Anna Vital at avital@lusofederal.com.

How LUSO Federal Credit Union Can Help You

LUSO Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit, member-owned financial cooperative dedicated to providing members with quality financial services and products. We at LUSO pride ourselves on serving the financial needs of our members and helping them manage their finances such as credit card debt. Our services and rates, which also include home equity loans, mortgage loans, and refinancing solutions, are available in Wilbraham and Ludlow, Massachusetts. Contact us at 1-(844) 587-6328 for inquiries about residential mortgage in Hampden County.

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