June 7, 2019

Groom kisses bride in field at sunset

Have you been invited to a wedding this season? Chances are you’ve already received a “Save the Date” card or perhaps you’ve already  RSVP’d yes to that invitation that came in the mail. Being a part of your friend’s special day is exciting, but for some, it’s an obligation that comes with a steep price tag. When you factor in wedding attire, travel costs and accommodations, as well as a gift, it’s possible you’ll end up spending a small fortune to celebrate another’s love.

According to a recent study by Express Spending & Saving Tracker, the average American spends more than $650 on wedding-related expenses (per event!), and that’s just to attend as a guest! If you’re included as a member of a wedding party, you can expect to pay a good deal more than that!

Don’t let the cost deter you from celebrating with your loved ones, though. It’s possible to have fun at your friends’ nuptials (that’s right… plural!) without going into debt. Just follow these simple tricks to celebrate in style and stay within budget!

Keep Your Airline Search a Secret

Are you attending a destination wedding? Before you begin searching for flights online, make sure you clear your browser history (cache) or check flights in “Incognito” or private browsing mode. The reason? Based on the cookies saved on your browser, flight prices will increase if a specific route is repeatedly searched. In Google Chrome or Safari, you can enable “Incognito” mode by hitting Command (or “Control” on a PC), Shift, “N”. Incognito mode will open a new browser window where your information is not tracked, eliminating the risk of price increases for flights you’ve researched.

Turn the Wedding into a Vacation

Were you planning a getaway when you received your wedding invitation? Kill two birds with one stone and turn your friend’s wedding festivities into a vacation! If you’re already booking airline tickets for a destination wedding, save money on the cost of two trips and consider flying out a few days early (or staying a few days after). Since weddings typically take place on the weekend, guests would be traveling at peak (read: more expensive) times. By flying out on a Tuesday or Wednesday, you’ll be able to purchase a cheaper ticket – but remember, you’ll spend more on hotel accommodations.  

Invest in ONE Dress

As tempting as it is to buy a new dress for every wedding, doing so could seriously impact your finances. Instead, invest in one classic blue, black or jewel toned dress that can be easily accessorized with jewelry, wraps or shoes. If you think you’ll run into the same crowd at multiple weddings and don’t want to wear the same dress twice, consider borrowing one from a friend, or rent one for a fraction of the price from a dress rental service.

Give a Group Gift

Wedding bells might be ringing, but the cash register doesn’t have to! If a group of your friends will be present at the same event, save money on a gift by pooling your resources to purchase a big-ticket item. You’ll likely spend less than you would if you purchased an item on your own, and you’ll be able to get the newlyweds an expensive gift that they’ll no doubt appreciate. 

At the end of the day, remember that your friends want you there to celebrate their love, not to spend a boatload of money you can’t afford. Create a budget and stick to it and you’ll be able to enjoy yourself while celebrating the big day.

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