When you see the potential in a piece of property, take the necessary steps to make it yours. Fixed-rate and adjustable-rate loans are available to accommodate your short-term and long-term goals. Lending experts are prepared to discuss options and plans to help you prepare for your land purchase.


Buildable Land Requires 20% Down Payment0 Points3/1 MAX 15- YR Amortization8.500%10.712%1 YR Treasury2/6+ 5.500%
Raw Land Requires 30% Down Payment0 Points3/1 MAX 10- YR Amortization10.500%11.861%1 YR Treasury2/6+ 6.500%

APR: Annual Percentage Rate is based on a $150,000.00 loan amount; 15 YR amortization.

Rates are subject to increase after consummation/first adjustment.

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