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Text Banking via your mobile phone IS HERE! Now you can review your finances via simple text messaging on your mobile phone. Need to check your balance and look at your transactional history? Use your phone with the safety and security you’ve come to expect to manage your money with ease.


  1. Log in to the Online Banking platform at
  2. Under the Account Services tab, navigate to the Mobile Text Banking.
  3. Agree and Continue thru disclosure “About Mobile Text Banking”.
  4. Enter Mobile Phone Number / Re- enter Mobile Phone Number > Submit.
  5. Once the user enters a phone number and submit, a text message will be generated and sent to the mobile phone containing an “Activation Code”.
  6. When user receives an Activation Code, the Activation Code is entered in the online banking screen to complete the registration process. (This will ensure that the correct phone number is in the possession of the authenticated online banking user).
  7. The user will receive a message that the mobile phone has been enabled for Mobile Text Messaging and to enter the Activation Code to complete registration > Submit.
  8. Once the code is entered online, the user will receive an online message: ” Your mobile phone has been activated successfully”.
  9. Upon completion of the enrollment process, the user will receive a text message on their mobile phone to confirm a successful registration.

*Data fees may apply from your mobile carrier

Registering a Mobile Phone

You may register up to five phone numbers for use with Mobile Text Banking. To add or remove a mobile phone for access to the service, click on Mobile Text Banking from the Account Services tab.

Adding a Phone: Getting started is easy! There is a simple two step registration process required. In Step One, enter the phone number of the phone you’d like to use for this service. We will send a text message to that phone with an activation code. In Step two, enter the activation code on the Mobile Text Banking page in LUSO Anywhere. You are ready to begin using Mobile Text Banking right away. It’s that simple!
If desired, you can return to complete Step Two at a later time. Visit the Mobile Text Banking page and click on the “pending” link that appears next to the phone number for which you would like to complete registration. You may request that your activation code be re-sent to your phone by selecting “Resend Activation Code”. Enter the activation code received on your mobile phone on the page and click Submit. You can begin using Mobile Text Banking right away!

Deleting a phone: You may remove a registered phone either by selecting the “Delete” option within the SMS page in LUSO Anywhere or by texting STOP to 86020 from your mobile phone. You can also contact us directly at 800-337-8160 to remove a phone from the service.

How to use Mobile Text Banking

Mobile Text Banking allows you to check account balances and recent transaction history on your checking, savings and money market accounts at LUSO Federal Credit Union. You must be enrolled in LUSO Anywhere in order to use Mobile Text Banking. Once you have activated a mobile number, you may begin using the service right away. Simply send a text message with one of the commands listed below to 86020.
Note: Commands are not case sensitive.


You’re on a mobile device! You can use your finger to scroll to the right and left on the table!

CommandAlternate FormsWhat you’ll receive
MenuCommand, CA list of Available text banking commands
BalBalance, BThe Available balance on each of your accounts eligible for this service
HistHistory, HThe most recent transactions to occur on each of your accounts eligible for this service
NickNickname, NA list of the nicknames for each of your accounts eligible for this service.Note: Account nicknames displayed by Mobile Text Banking are established by our system and cannot be changed at this time.
Bal NickB NickThe Available balance on the account requested.For example, if the nickname on the account is CK*1234, text “Bal CK*1234” or “B CK*1234” to receive the Available balance on the requested account.
Hist NickH NickThe most recent transactions on the account requested.For example, if the nickname on the account is CK*1234, text “Hist CK*1234” or “H CK*1234” to receive the most recent transactions on the requested account.
HelpThe phone number where you can reach us if you have questions or need assistance.
StopSYou will remove the phone used to send the text message from this service. You can add the phone back at any time by visiting the Mobile Text Banking link on the Account Services tab in LUSO Anywhere.

Mobile Access

Mobile Access (also referred to iMobile) is inclusive of the terms and conditions of the Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosure including but not limited to transaction limits, transaction processing and system availability.

Mobile Banking Requirements & Limitations

  • Your mobile device must be on the list of supported devices
  • All bill payment payees must be established within Online Banking before payments can be made to the payee via Mobile Banking.
  • You will not able to access the all functions/services that are accessible via Online Banking
    Examples include, but are not limited to, electronic statement, check reordering, third party account transfer, and account aggregation services.
  • The account balances presented to you in Mobile Banking are not necessarily your current balances.
  • If you attempt to make a payment or transfer to be executed immediately, your current balance will be obtained to ensure that you have proper funds for the payment or transfer.


Are text banking commands case sensitive?

No. For example, you can text B, BAL, b or bal to receive your balance information.

What does it cost?

There are no fees charged by LUSO Federal Credit Union to use this service. Your mobile phone carrier may charge for text messages sent and received. Check with your carrier and phone plan for details.

How many text messages will I receive?

It depends on how often you request information from us. We will not send you any messages that you have not requested.

Is this service secure?

Yes. Text messages sent from Mobile Text Banking will never include any personal information; therefore the information would not be useful to a fraudster.

Is my personal information included in any text messages?

No. Only your ‘masked’ account number and associated data is included in any messages received from Mobile Text Banking.

Do I need to use a certain provider?

No. Mobile Text Banking will work with all major carriers. You need a phone data plan that includes text message support.

Do I need to use a certain phone?

No. Any phone that supports text messaging can be used with Mobile Text Banking.

Do I need to use a smart phone?

No. Any phone that supports text messaging can be used with Mobile Text Banking.

Why can't I see all of my accounts?

Mobile Text Banking provides information about your checking, savings and money market accounts.

Which accounts are available?

Mobile Text Banking provides information about your checking, savings and money market accounts.

Can I change the accounts that appear?

No. If checking, savings or money market accounts are available via LUSO Anywhere, they will also be available in Mobile Text Banking.

What happens if my phone is lost or stolen?

If your phone is lost or stolen, please contact us at 800-337-8160 to have Mobile Text Banking disabled for your phone. After access to Mobile Text Banking is disabled, your phone may not be used to request or receive information about your accounts. If you find your phone later, you may log on to LUSO Anywhere to activate the phone for Mobile Text Banking.

What is "smishing"?

“Smishing” is derived from the familiar term “phishing.” The “sm” comes from SMS, the protocol used to transmit text messages via cellular devices. Smishing is a form of criminal activity using social engineering techniques similar to phishing.
While phishing uses email, smishing uses cell phone text messages to deliver the “bait” to get you to divulge your personal information. The “hook” (the method used to actually “capture” your information) in the text message may be a web site URL, however it is also common to see a phone number that connects to automated voice response system.
We will NEVER request personal or account information from you using this service. If you suspect you are a victim of smishing or other fraud, contact us immediately.

Can I enroll more than one mobile number?

Yes. You may enroll up to five phones.

Who do I call if I have questions?

Contact us at 800-337-8160 for more information