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How to Deal with Debt During a Divorce

Dealing with debt during a divorce can be frustrating, overwhelming, and it can make saving money seem impossible. Your financial institution may or may not have the tools and tips necessary to help you manage your debt, so that’s where credit unions come in. Here are...

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How to Find the Right Checking Account

Checking accounts are a necessary and wise way to store and manage your readily available money. Unless you want your wallet stuffed with cash, checking accounts allow you to not only store your money in a safe place, but also to manage and keep track of your money...

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How Millennials Can Buy Their Dream Car

The methods, criteria, and circumstances of shopping for, and purchasing, a new car have drastically changed over the last 20 or so years. In the past, purchasing a new car at a young age wasn’t an anomaly, it was the norm. Costs were relatively lower than they are...

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Smart Ways to Spring Clean Your Finances

Spring represents new growth, freedom, and revival, and with helpful financial spring cleaning tips, you can achieve these joyful perks. As the weather gets brighter and the days get longer, you can get a head start on your organization by going through your financial...

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