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LUSO Federal Credit Union Banking Services in Wilbraham

One Crane Park, Wilbraham

Our branch is located at One Crane Park in Wilbraham

Just south of Ludlow and with a population at around 15,000, Wilbraham is known as the home to Friendly’s Ice Cream. It’s also home to LUSO’s Wilbraham Branch in Crane Park, just off Main Street. LUSO Federal Credit Union is proud to support communities like Wilbraham by providing key, 24/7 banking services so that residents can get what they need at the time that works best for them. Our LUSO team can even make house calls to ensure maximum flexibility for our Members.

Our In-Branch Banking Services in Wilbraham

Coin Machine

The change you accumulate over weeks, months, or even years can add up to a fair bit of money. Our coin machine located in the Wilbraham branch allow for even the most enthusiastic coin saver to quickly count up and process their coins. This is a FREE service to our Members!

Drive-Up Teller

To make banking services faster and more accessible, Wilbraham customers can enjoy a drive-up teller so that they can get their needs met in the most efficient manner possible.

24/7 ATM

Time of day should never be an obstacle when it comes to making urgent deposits, withdrawals, or transfers. Our ATMs are available at any time of day or night.

Instant Issue Debit Card

A debit card is an important financial tool that provides a concrete link between you and your money. Part of LUSO’s banking services are instant issue debit cards, so that you can have immediate access to your hard-earned money before you even walk out the door.

Official Checks

When trying to make international payments or otherwise send money by mail, a simple and secure option is an official check. Also called cashier’s checks, or certified check, an Official Check is a check that the bank issues with guaranteed funds.

They are also ideal for any situation in which you are worried about payment security; there may be times when you want to purchase something from someone without them knowing your bank account number. Official Checks do not have your account information. These checks will often have enhanced security features such as color shifting ink, watermarks, and heat-responsive ink, for example.

Notary Public

A notary is not strictly a banking service but one LUSO Federal Credit Union provides to its Members. Notaries can serve as official witnesses to contracts, sworn statements, title transfers, and other key forms of documentation. When something needs to be made official, a notary is often involved.

Traveler’s Checks

Traveler’s checks are a good, secure way to keep money on-hand when traveling in areas with minimal ATM access or where there may be excessive usage fees. Whenever you travel abroad, especially to more exotic locales, having a few Traveler’s Checks on hand is highly recommended.

Wire Transfer

Wire transfers are used to send money fast, whether nationally or internationally. Once you complete your transfer at LUSO’s Wilbraham branch, the funds are quickly processed and can arrive at their national or international destination within a matter of hours (some international transactions can take longer).

Foreign Currency Exchange

Whether done in anticipation of travel or to convert back to dollars upon your return, foreign currency exchange plays a big role in any trip abroad. LUSO members can get their dollars converted at the current rate into numerous other forms of currency, and vice-versa.

Loan Origination

LUSO offers numerous forms of loans with a variety of possible terms and interest rates so you can always find one that’s right for you. Whether you are trying to pay for a car, house, vacation, renovation, bills, repairs, or more, there is a loan product that suits your needs.

Financial Service Advisor

Credit unions have a definite information advantage about banking services when compared to the average individual. Wilbraham residents are able to tap into that knowledge and seek the expert advice of our financial service advisors so that they can make smart, informed decisions.

Safe Deposit Boxes

A safe deposit box can provide security and peace of mind. They should be considered whenever you need to store valuables, key documents, heirlooms and mementos, or other irreplaceable items. Rental rates are reasonable and adjustable based on the size of the space needed.

Feel free to contact our Wilbraham branch at 1-800-808-5876.