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LUSO Federal Banking Services in Ludlow

Main Branch - Ludlow

Our branch is located at 599 East Street in Ludlow

Ludlow, Massachusetts is a thriving, vibrant community with a history that stretches back to 1751.  LUSO Federal Credit Union is a strong supporter of small-town living and realizes that our communities often have more unique needs for their banking services than those in larger cities. To that end, we provide key, 24/7 banking services in Ludlow so that Members can get what they need at a time that suits them best. Our LUSO team can even make house calls, ensuring maximum flexibility and making the banking and lending process as easy as possible.


Our In-Branch Banking Services in Ludlow

Coin Machine

The change you accumulate over weeks, months, or even years can add up to a fair bit of money. Our coin machine located in the Ludlow branch allow for even the most enthusiastic coin saver to quickly count up and process their coins. This is a FREE service to our Members!

Drive-Up Teller

We understand that some banking services are quicker than others and shouldn’t require you to wait in line behind people seeking more complex transactions. Members can enjoy a drive-up teller in Ludlow so that they can get their needs met in the most efficient manner possible.

24/7 ATM

Never get caught without cash! Whether you need to deposit an urgent check, arrange a transfer, or make a withdrawal, the time of day should never be an obstacle. Our ATMs are available at any time of day or night and we even have a drive-up ATM for that little bit of extra convenience.

Instant Issue Debit Card

Whether opening a debit account for the first time or looking to get your hands on a replacement, waiting periods can be a downer. This is why instant issue debit cards let you assume (or resume) financial control before you even walk out the door.

Official Checks

Official Checks are a secure and trusted banking service that are ideal whenever you need to send money by mail, have concerns about payment security (they don’t contain account information, unlike a check), or are trying to make payments internationally.

Notary Public

A notary is not strictly a banking service but one we provide nonetheless. Notaries serve as official witnesses to the signing of contracts, sworn statements, and other important legal and contractual documents. When something needs to be made official, a notary is often involved.

Traveler’s Checks

When traveling, it can be hard to find an ATM. You may be in an area where ATMs are far and few between. Some ATMs don’t accept foreign cards or PINs. As a result, traveler’s checks are a banking service that can be a useful and secure way to retain access to cash almost anywhere in the world—perfect for any vacationer or wanderer.

Wire Transfer

When you need to send money somewhere fast, few methods can compete with a wire transfer. Once you make your payment at LUSO’s Ludlow branch, the funds are quickly processed and will arrive at their national or international destination within a matter of hours (some international transactions can take longer).

Foreign Currency Exchange

This is an essential banking service for anyone planning to go abroad. LUSO members can get their dollars converted into numerous other forms of currency. Conversely, anyone returning from a trip can get their leftover coins and bills turned into usable dollars.

Loan Origination

A key financial service from any banking or credit institute is loans. People need loans to buy a car, a house, fund a vacation, renovations, repairs, or countless other projects. LUSO offers numerous forms of loans with a variety of possible terms and interest rates so you can always find one that’s right for you.

Financial Service Advisor

There is no point in offering a wide selection of banking services if people can’t have access to the information necessary to make an informed decision. Financial service advisors are available to all Members to answer questions about financial planning, banking, loans, and more.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Whether storing valuables, important papers, heirlooms, or mementos, a secure safe deposit box can provide you with peace of mind. Rental rates are reasonable and adjustable based on the size of the space needed.

Feel free to contact our Ludlow branch toll free at 1-844-LUSO-FCU.