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Lending Rates Effective as of November 20, 2017. Rates are subject to change without notice.




VISA “DBA” PLATINUM CREDIT CARD No Processing Fee! No Annual Fee!

Minimum CreditMaximum CreditPurchase RateBalance TransferCash Advance
$1,000.00$25,000.009.50% APR6.99% APR11.50% APR

– FREE VISA Credit Cards REWARDS ScoreCard program.
– Visa Business Platinum periodic rate of 0.02603% is valid on new purchases; Visa Platinum Business periodic rate of 0.03151% is valid on cash advance.
– 6.99% Balance Transfer APR is valid on transferred balances to your LFCU Visa “DBA” Platinum Credit Card Effective 12/01/2015 and applies to the life of the balance until paid.
– The minimum payment is 2% of your Total New Balance, or $20.00, whichever is greater, plus the amount of any prior minimum payments that you have not made, and any amount you are over your credit limit. The savings for credit cards is based on lowest available Credit Union APR and assumes your balance remains constant for one year. Finance charge computation is based on the daily average balance.
– Annual Fee: None; Over the Limit Fee: $20.00; Late Fee: $20.00; Return Check Fee: $30.00; Card Replacement: $25.00 normal processing; $75.00 rush order; Past Due Fee: $20.00 after the 20th day following the due date. VISA International Exchange Conversion Fee: Applicable cost to the Credit Union at the time of transaction